Corrective gingival procedure or gingivoplasty represents surgical reshaping of oral soft tissue – gums or dental gingiva – by which the patient`s gums gain a more natural and healthier appearance in a very short period of time.

This method is becoming more and more applied in aesthetic dentistry. It is used on patients with soft tissue and teeth malformation and asymmetry causing incongruency in red – white ratio, i.e. when excess gum tissue covers teeth crowns and thus substantially distorts the aesthetics of the oral cavity and the entire face.

The procedure may be surgical or laser, and it corrects receding gum defect, i.e. gingival recession.



A female patient arrived to the dental office because she was unhappy with the aesthetic appearance of her teeth. Besides the abraded teeth with extended gaps, her smile was also affected by the asymmetric ratio of gum tissue, i.e. uneven level of gum tissue above her teeth.

We performed gingivectomy, i.e. we surgically reshaped her gum tissue to achieve a more harmonious appearance. We placed zirconium-ceramic veneers onto upper and lower set of teeth.



Estetska stomatologija

Kažu da je osmijeh najkraća udaljenost između dvoje ljudi, a estetska stomatologija je grana stomatologije usmjerena upravo k tome da pacijentima podari ravne i blistave zube o kakvima su oduvijek sanjali. Više...

Smile design

Osmijeh je pozitivna karakteristika našeg lica i osobnosti te zato nipošto nije pretjerana stara izreka kako je osmijeh ogledalo duše. Više...

Izbjeljivanje zuba

Izbjeljivanje zuba je u potpunosti neinvazivna, sigurna i bezbolna metoda korigiranja boje zuba pomoću peroksida i posebne svjetlosti za izbjeljivanje. Više...


Estetski nedostaci na zubima često dovode do toga da ljudi skrivaju svoj osmijeh, manje se smiju, narušeno im je samopouzdanje i jednostavno su nezadovoljni sami sobom. Više...

Čišćenje zubnog kamenca i pjeskarenje

Čišćenje zubnog kamenca postupak je čišćenja zuba koji se obavlja prilikom redovitih godišnjih pregleda kod stomatologa. Više...

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