Teeth whitening is an entirely non-invasive, safe and painless method of correcting teeth colour by using peroxide and a special whitening light. They do not damage the tooth enamel, and provide the full effect of natural colour and teeth shine.




Here at TIM DENT – Miličić Polyclinic, one of the most popular teeth whitening methods is ZAAP light. This is the most efficient, fastest and safest teeth whitening method, since it is performed under the dentist`s supervision, and its effect is long-term and immediately visible. After only one treatment, the teeth are whitened by three or more hues, and the procedure itself is very quick and lasts only 45 minutes.

ZAAP lamp is a state-of-the-art tooth whitening device, whose strength and speed ensure premium and long-term results. Since it is easily manoeuvrable, its use provides pleasure for both the patient and the dentist. After the treatment, the teeth are covered with a fluorine-based paste in order to protect them from external influences. The result of a single treatment lasts for up to two years, provided that the patient maintains proper oral hygiene.

Here at our Polyclinic, we also offer laser teeth whitening. 


With respect to other procedures, laser teeth whitening is shorter and lasts approximately 30 minutes. In only one dental appointment, the colour of the tooth may be lightened by 4 to 6 hues. Before the procedure, the dentist will examine the teeth and supporting tissue, and, if necessary, remove calculus and polish the teeth. The whitening procedure is pleasant and painless, and it includes the protection of the mucous membrane and gums, after which hydrogen peroxide-based gel is applied. Laser light stimulates the release of oxygen from the gel, which removes the pigments from the tooth structure, leaving the structure intact. Teeth sensitivity, which usually occurs after whitening, is substantially shorter or entirely eradicated. It should be emphasised that, as with all other whitening methods, laser does not whiten fillings and crowns.


Zaap light whitening


A young male patient who is unhappy with the aesthetic appearance of his teeth came to us for help.

We used a completely non-invasive, safe and painless method to correct the colour of his teeth by using peroxide and a special whitening light, which is safe for the tooth enamel, and the treatment resulted in the full effect of the natural colour and shine of his teeth. We beautified and completely changed the patient`s smile quickly and painlessly, which will undoubtedly raise the level of his satisfaction and self-esteem.


Zaap light whitening


A female patient arrived to our dental office because she was unhappy with the colour of her teeth. We opted for  Zaap light whitening, which is painless and yields premium results.

The whitening process lasts approximately 45 minutes. Prior to the procedure, the teeth needed to be rehabilitated and professionally cleaned.

Teeth whitening



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