Aesthetic dental flaws often cause people to hide their smile, rarely laugh, have afflicted self-esteem or be generally displeased with themselves. Modern dentistry found a solution for such problems in the form of veneers, as the easiest way to achieve premium dental aesthetics.



These are thin composite or ceramic facets, i.e. restorative dental replacements placed onto tooth surface, providing thus a completely natural appearance and the well-known Hollywood smile.

Dental experts from TIM DENT – Miličić Polyclinic use veneers to completely change the shape, colour, length and width of your teeth, because they represent one of the best ways to emphasise the beauty of your smile. The results of the recent research about the influence of veneers on the prosperity of an individual have demonstrated a high level of satisfaction in patients and a complete absence of adverse effects on gingiva, as well as the preservation of teeth and jaw health.

The procedure of veneer placement is painless and fast, and it usually only takes two dental appointments to achieve an enchanting smile. During veneer placement, only 0.5mm of tooth enamel is removed, which means that it requires only a small amount of grinding, and as a result the natural structure remains practically intact. In addition, due to the strength and resilience of the modern materials, veneers can now be placed onto back teeth as well, without any fear of potential chipping or loss of function.


Ceramic veneers are also useful for covering up unwanted dental defects such as teeth stains caused by some medications, and they also cover up chipped teeth or stains from treating root canals and similar procedures.    Veneers can also serve as an alternative to orthodontic therapy in the event of minor teeth misalignments, or if there is a small gap between the front teeth. Veneers are resilient to teeth stains which may be caused by coffee, tea or tobacco.

Glass ceramic veneers are light-permeable, hence they really resemble the natural tooth enamel. Light permeability effect is a phenomenon which makes the teeth shiny; it occurs when the light penetrates the enamel   and reflects from the internal tooth structure. Since the ceramic veneer replicates this effect, it ensures a natural and healthy smile.



Ceramic veneers

A young female patient had composite veneers on the upper incisors whose shape did not match her other teeth. The left veneer broke on the incisal edge. After we prepared the teeth and placed ceramic veneers whose colour and shape matched the patient`s face and teeth, she got a perfect and natural smile.



Completely ceramic veneers

A female patient had completely ceramic veneers on her front upper teeth which were too grey, with a shape that did not match her other teeth. Her back teeth were covered with metal-ceramic crowns. We completely changed her smile by placing completely ceramic veneers of lighter colour on all upper teeth which matched her face and complexion.


Ceramic veneers

A female patient came to our office because she was unhappy with her upper teeth, especially their colour. We detected other irregularities at her first appointment: the gum level was uneven on the left and the right side, the patient`s lateral incisors were too small in comparison to her central incisors, and the dental arches were too narrow in the posterior region, misaligned with her front teeth. In order to present all of our ideas to the patient, we made a so-called mock up – provisional teeth which were a true replica of her future teeth. She was thrilled with our suggestion, so we initiated with the treatment, and after only three visits we made 12 veneers on the upper teeth and levelled her gums. We used Zaap light to whiten her lower teeth.


Ceramic veneer

A female patient came to our office for a chipped and discoloured upper left central incisor, which affected her appearance. The patient is young, so aesthetics is very important to her, hence she arrived to our office to help her regain a dazzling smile.

An ideal treatment in this case is ceramic veneer placement. We minimally grinded her tooth, which resulted in a flawless dazzling smile. The veneer provided a totally natural appearance, which completely matched her other teeth.

Ceramic veneer

A female patient arrived for extensive and worn out fillings on the upper left lateral incisor, which affected the aesthetics of her smile. The patient is young and rather unhappy with the appearance of her smile. She asked our dentists for their opinion.

We opted for a ceramic veneer whose colour and shape matches our patient`s other teeth. The veneer is completely natural-looking, and does not differ from her other teeth, which made our patient extremely happy and pleased.

Ceramic veneer




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