All-on-4 and All-on-6 treatment

The most recent implantology method called All-on-4 is certainly the most substantial breakthrough in the recent years since the implants have been used as teeth replacements. The method was invented by a Portuguese Paulo Malo, the founder and the head of one of the most renowned oral medicine clinics in the world, the Malo Clinic. Marko Miličić, Dr. med. dent. and an oral surgery and implantology specialist, perfected his skills of implant placement by learning directly from Paulo Malo in Portugal.

This is a method of prosthetic replacement placement, which is fixed on only four top-quality Nobel Biocare implants within 24 hours. This makes it a fast and minimally invasive procedure, by which completely or partially toothless patients receive a fixed hybrid bridge which meets all functional and aesthetic requirements in a single visit to our Polyclinic.

Course of the treatment:

After an examination and a consultation, we perform a series of diagnostic examinations (CT-3D scan analysis, imaging, digital Smile design, oral surgical procedure planning, and team planning of fixed prosthetic replacement by dental prosthetics specialists and dental technicians).

Surgical course of the treatment:

The placement of 4 implants by oral surgery specialist who uses special techniques results in primary stability of the implants and the placement of a provisional hybrid bridge which meets the patient`s functional and aesthetic requirements within 24 hours. The surgery is performed under local anaesthesia, after which the patient receives all necessary treatment (antibiotics, painkillers…) for further use at home.



Do I qualify for All-on-4?


We can offer the patients suffering from dental phobia to undergo surgery with conscious sedation by using laughing gas.

After 4-6 months, the dental prosthetics specialist will make a permanent hybrid bridge made of top-quality materials in collaboration with the dental laboratory.

Tim Dent Polyclinic laboratory is equipped with the most sophisticated devices of the renowned manufacturer Amman Girbach, and the top-quality materials which enable fast and quality making of the most complex metal (titanium, cobalt-chromium) or non-metal (zirconium, lithium, disilicate, composite) milled structures and final aesthetic crowns or veneers.

The advantages of this treatment include: minimally invasive oral surgical procedure, reduced costs due to avoiding invasive surgical procedures and extensive jaw augmentations, extremely high percentage of procedural success rate, durability of the prosthetic replacement, possibility of maintaining a high level of oral hygiene, extremely fast postoperative recovery, and a high-quality aesthetic fixed prosthetic replacement within 24 hours.


terapija novo

All-on-6 is a similar treatment also applied with the patients who need toothless jaw rehabilitation, but in this case six implants are placed in the jaw, which enable us to make the most sophisticated hybrid bridges on a titanium or zirconium structure onto which separate highly aesthetic crowns are placed (zirconium or completely ceramic). This kind of procedure currently represents the most top-quality functional and aesthetic rehabilitation of toothless jaws in the world.



A female patient has only 5 teeth in her upper jaw and wears a partial denture. Her teeth are in a very bad condition, so we had to remove them. We opted for the All-on-4 technique, so that the patient does not have to wear a complete denture. We placed a fixed structure with 12 teeth on only four implants. Instead of a toothless appearance and a complete denture, the patient received a fixed prosthetic replacement in only two days.


ALL ON 6 (cirkon)


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