Prosthetics is a branch of dental medicine focussed on the making of crowns, bridges and dentures, i.e. it deals with lost teeth replacement and preventing and rectifying of teeth line irregularities. TIM DENT – Miličić Dental Polyclinic, led by prosthetics specialist Tamara Žaja Miličić, carefully follows all innovations in this branch of dentistry, in order to ensure impeccable health and teeth perfection to its patients.

Dental prosthetics is divided into fixed prosthetics, including ceramic crowns and bridges, and removable prosthetics, including partial and complete dentures and dentures on implants.


Fiksna protetika – zubne krunice i mostovi

Zubne krunice su fiksni protetski nadomjesci koji se ugrađuju na jedan zub ili pak na zubni implantat kako bi pokrili zubnu krunu. Više...

Mobilni protetski nadomjesci – zubne proteze

Mobilna protetika je grana dentalne medicine koja se bavi izradom proteza poštujući sve zahtjeve funkcionalnosti te estetike zuba i čeljus Više...

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