Removable prosthetics is a branch of dental medicine focussed on the making of dentures and complying with all requirements of teeth and jaw functionality and aesthetics.


In the cases when it is no longer possible to perform a fixed replacement, we advise our clients to opt for removable prosthetic replacements, i.e. dentures. The denture can be removed, which enables the proper maintenance of oral hygiene. Dentures may be complete (if the patient is completely toothless) or partial, and they can also be tied by dental implants, which substantially increases their retention and stability in the oral cavity. In the manufacture of removable prosthetic replacements, it is of the utmost importance that the experienced dentist and the quality dental laboratory closely cooperate.



Complete denture makes up for lost teeth and the parts of the alveolar process, which enables the restoration of disrupted jaw functions. Such denture entirely covers the upper and the lower jaw, and is placed directly on the gums. On the other hand, if the bridge cannot be placed, the patient is advised to opt for a partial denture. It leans on the remaining teeth and their surroundings, and makes up for one or more teeth and their supporting structures (gums and jaw bone).


Stomatološka protetika

Protetika je grana dentalne medicine koja se bavi izradom krunica, mostova i proteza, tj. kojom se nadomještaju izgubljeni zubi te sprječavaju i rješavaju nepravilnosti zubnoga niza. Više...

Fiksna protetika – zubne krunice i mostovi

Zubne krunice su fiksni protetski nadomjesci koji se ugrađuju na jedan zub ili pak na zubni implantat kako bi pokrili zubnu krunu. Više...

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