First wrinkles appear on the faces of both women and men after they turn 25. Those telltale indicators of time appear in places where the skin constantly wrinkles, i.e. due to mechanical repetition of muscle movement.

For instance, the skin around the eyes has to bear no less than 30,000 blinking movements of eyelids a day, which causes it to wrinkle and straighten each time. As the time goes by, expressive facial wrinkles gradually transform into deep and permanently visible wrinkles. Such changes occur because the skin becomes drier with age, and loses hyaluronic acid, subcutaneous fat and elasticity.

In order to help all those patients who want to maintain a youthful appearance, the expert team of TIM DENT – Miličić Dental Polyclinic recommends Juvéderm® fillers. These are top-quality preparations approved by the American Food and Drugs Agency (FDA), specific for containing a lidocaine anaesthetic for painless application with a certificate of a minimal 12-month efficiency. Hyaluronic acid is the main ingredient of Juvéderma®, which attracts water molecules and integrates with the adjacent collagen in order to provide the face with a rejuvenated appearance. Juvéderm® is injected in gel form into dermis with a very thin needle, which is then mildly massaged so that the preparation can distribute more evenly, and make the skin surface wrinkle-free. The result of this application is immediately visible, hence your appearance will be replenished, naturally rejuvenated, and with clear facial contours.

Juvéderm® dermal fillers can be used for minor aesthetic corrections, such as lip augmentation, lifting the corners of the lips or restoring cheek volume.


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Assortment of Juvéderm products:

Juvéderm ULTRA 2: Deletes minor wrinkles, especially those around the lips and the corners of the eyes, and the wrinkles which occur near the skin surface.

Juvéderm ULTRA 3: Straightens the nasolabial wrinkles which occur between the nose and the corners of the lips, and can also be used for minor lip augmentation or lip “replenishment” for the purpose of maintaining a youthful smile.

Juvéderm ULTRA 4: Improves and corrects the shape of the face, because it affects the most visible wrinkles and grooves.

Juvéderm VOLUMA: Restores volume, cheeks and cheekbones. It is useful particularly in the event of facial fat tissue loss as a result of dieting or ageing. After the treatment, the face immediately looks rejuvenated, fuller and rounder.

Juvéderm HYDRATE: Achieves deep hydration on the parts of the body most exposed to damages cause by sunlight or ageing, namely the face, neck, cleavage and wrists. Juvéderm HYDRATE results in smooth and tight skin, because hydration is the basis for maintaining a healthy skin tone and elasticity. Other moisturisers can only temporarily hydrate the surface of the skin, whereas Juvéderm® HYDRATE provides deep and permanent hydration with a natural and healthy glow.

Juvéderm ULTRA SMILE: This filler provides luscious and fuller lips with natural appearance, and straightens the thin wrinkles around the lips.

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