Periodontology is a specialised branch of dental medicine, which has recently experienced substantial progress, focussed on treating supporting dental structures.

paradontologija novo

After caries, periodontitis is the most common oral cavity disease in the modern world, and the most common cause of teeth loss. Even though is still causes fear, especially among the elderly, the development of periodontitis can be successfully prevented today. We should first emphasise that periodontitis is preceded by an untreated gingivitis, causing the bacteria to inhabit the periodontal ligament tying the tooth to the jaw bone. Common symptoms include gum swelling, gum retraction and, at a later stage, teeth loosening and falling out, and the loss of bone which supports the teeth.

Proper oral hygiene plays a decisive role in the prevention of periodontitis. In addition to regular and proper brushing, we should also remember to use interdental brushes and dental floss to clean the space between the teeth. Regular visits to the dentist`s office with the emphasis on calculus removal will ensure health to your gums, and a timely setting of a diagnosis with appropriate treatment will prevent any further disease development.

Present-day periodontology offers excellent and efficient treatment methods, even at an advanced stage of the disease.  Here at TIM DENT Miličić Polyclinic, we use BIOLASEWaterLase laser for the treatment of all stages of the periodontal disease, along with the conventional methods.

The laser efficiently treats all kinds of infections, because it perfectly disinfects the working area and eradicates all bacteria. That is why the periodontal disease laser treatment is the minimally invasive treatment where specially shaped narrow extensions are used to enter the periodontal pocket in order to remove infected tissue, inaccessible calculus below the edge of gingiva, and to eliminate the bacteria and their products causing inflammation. The laser has certainly revolutionised modern periodontology, since excellent results are achieved, which are incomparable to any conventional technique.




Parodontna kirurgija

Kirurške metode liječenja parodontitisa koriste se kada konzervativno liječenje ne može dati zadovoljavajući rezultat. Više...

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