Restorative dentistry is the basis of dental medicine, and it refers to the treatment and repair of caries-affected teeth.

Unlike restorative dentistry focussed on treating the external part of the tooth, endodontics deals with the treatment of the interior part of the tooth. This is a microsurgical procedure which requires micronic precision in a restricted and obstructed area such as the tooth interior.

Here at TIM DENT – Miličić Dental Polyclinic, we believe that every tooth is priceless and it is our goal to save each and every tooth, and restore its original appearance and functionality. In order to achieve the optimal result and avoid tooth removal, we will use all available methods. We will first adequately treat the teeth damaged by caries, and, after endodontic treatment, replace the destroyed crown with a filling, inlay or crown. We will exclusively use the composite materials of renowned brands, which ensure optimal functionality and premium aesthetics.


Zubni ispuni ili zubne plombe

Sanacija zuba zubnim plombama ili ispunima jedan je od najčešćih stomatoloških tretmana, kojim se pune šupljine u zubu nastale djelovanjem karijesa te fizička oštećenja na zubu nastala uslijed ozljede. Više...

Keramički ispuni (inlay, onlay, overlay)

S obzirom da stomatologija napreduje iz dana u dan danas se sve češće koriste onlay i inlay nadomjesci. Više...

Endodoncija (liječenje zuba)

Endodoncija odnosno liječenje korijena zuba podrazumijeva detaljno dijagnosticiranje zatečenog stanja te liječenje bolesti zubne pulpe. Više...

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