Tooth rehabilitation by dental fillings is one of the most common dental treatments, where tooth cavities caused by caries or trauma are filled. Unlike the old amalgam fillings, today we use aesthetic white fillings which replicate the natural appearance of the tooth structure. These fillings can also be used for other aesthetic purposes. They can be used for partial modification of the size, shape and colour of the teeth, or for filling gaps between the teeth. Before placing the fillings, the dentist will thoroughly clean the tooth to ensure the longevity of the filling.

Composite filling

Amalgam filling replaced with composite filling.

Composite fillings are, besides their aesthetic value, better than amalgam fillings also for their connection with the dental tissue. Unlike the amalgam ones, they chemically bond with the tooth structure, which makes them more durable, and they do not contain mercury or other metals.




Restaurativna stomatologija i endodoncija

Restaurativna stomatologija temelj je dentalne medicine, a odnosi se na liječenje i popravljanje zuba oštećenih karijesom. Više...

Keramički ispuni (inlay, onlay, overlay)

S obzirom da stomatologija napreduje iz dana u dan danas se sve češće koriste onlay i inlay nadomjesci. Više...

Endodoncija (liječenje zuba)

Endodoncija odnosno liječenje korijena zuba podrazumijeva detaljno dijagnosticiranje zatečenog stanja te liječenje bolesti zubne pulpe. Više...

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