Endodontics, i.e. root treatment implies detail diagnostics of the current condition and the treatment of dental pulp disease. The need for tooth treatment occurs when the caries penetrates to the dental pulp, causing thus often painful nerve inflammation or tooth discoloration.

Dental pulp is situated at the very root canal which is located in every root, and consists of nerve fibres and blood vessels whose main function is to provide tooth vascularisation and supply. The penetration of the caries into the tooth causes bacterial pulp infection.

Endodontic procedure consists of dental pulp removal and filling of root canals with all necessary elements, followed by tooth filling or crown build up.

The first step in endodontics is the diagnostics of the inflamed tooth, i.e. possible tooth abscess. After setting a proper diagnosis, the medication and provisional filling are placed in the affected tooth, and when the tooth heals, the inflamed dental pulp is removed and affected tooth canals cleaned.


Restaurativna stomatologija i endodoncija

Restaurativna stomatologija temelj je dentalne medicine, a odnosi se na liječenje i popravljanje zuba oštećenih karijesom. Više...

Zubni ispuni ili zubne plombe

Sanacija zuba zubnim plombama ili ispunima jedan je od najčešćih stomatoloških tretmana, kojim se pune šupljine u zubu nastale djelovanjem karijesa te fizička oštećenja na zubu nastala uslijed ozljede. Više...

Keramički ispuni (inlay, onlay, overlay)

S obzirom da stomatologija napreduje iz dana u dan danas se sve češće koriste onlay i inlay nadomjesci. Više...


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