CAD/CAM technology, i.e. Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing, is a system which serves for producing all kinds of ceramic replacements. The name itself suggests that the ceramic fixed-prosthetic replacement is designed and made via a computer.


CAD/CAM technology has been used for many years in various industrial branches; at the beginning of the 1980s it was implemented in dentistry. The basic function of this technology is to improve precision and accelerate the manufacturing of prosthetic replacements, hence it is mostly represented in prosthetics. Lately, it has become more frequently used in other dentistry branches as well.


Even though the manufacture of replacements by this technology was slow and complicated at the beginning, today`s market offers numerous 3D oral scanners and compact dental milling machines which simplify the entire procedure and provide optimum solutions for the patients.

TIM DENT – Miličić Polyclinic has been keeping pace with the most recent global dental trends, hence it was the first to offer the innovative oral scanner Trios 3Shape in Croatia. It is a device which ensures high precision and virtually incredible speed of dental procedures. Owing to this revolutionary device, there is no more unpleasant impression taking, grinding or adjusting the crown until it sits properly, or waiting for days to get the prosthetic replacement from the laboratory. Trios 3Shape scanner scans the patient`s jaw completely painlessly and without any discomfort, and the scans are immediately delivered to the dental laboratory. The new prosthetic or orthodontic replacement is made completely error-free in the laboratory in 3D technology, while the patient drinks coffee or discusses the condition of his/her jaw and the appearance of the new replacement with the dentist.




Stomatološka dijagnostika

Stomatološka dijagnostika temelj je postavljanja ispravne dijagnoze te planiranja daljnje terapije i stomatoloških zahvata. Više...

Prvi pregled i konzultacije

Vrhunski stomatološki stručnjaci poliklinike TIM DENT – Miličić svakom pacijentu posvećuju posebnu pažnju, a klinički pregled do posljednjih detalja individualiziraju i prilagođavaju, bilo da je riječ o trudnicama, djeci ili mladima. Više...

3D Ortopan

3D ortopan ili panoramska snimka cjelovite gornje i donje čeljusti jedna je od glavnih dijagnostičkih metoda u stomatologiji. Više...

RTG - radioviziografija (RVG)

RTG - radioviziografija liječnicima dentalne medicine omogućuje dobivanje ciljane slike svakog pojedinog zuba te prikazuje sve detalje krune i korijena, kao i okolne strukture parodonta i alveolarne kosti. Više...


Stomatologija napreduje iz dana u dan, a za sve inovativnije zahvate u usnoj šupljini, uz stručnost liječnika dentalne medicine, potrebna je i napredna tehnologija. Više...

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