How can you overcome the fear of the dentist?


The fear of public performance, fear of heights, fear of death, these are all more or less reasonable fears, but if you ask people about their biggest fear, the majority will say – fear of the dentist! It is a fear we encounter at an early age, which affects men and women, adults and children alike. The sound of the drill, sterile odour of the dental office, pain, a large number of instruments in the mouth are some of the most common memories associated with dental offices. Some people never manage to overcome this fear, even as adults, which results in the lack of proper dental care, deteriorating teeth, and each new appointment is a new trauma, which only makes the fear worse. It is very difficult to break this vicious circle, especially if you have been avoiding the visits to your dentists for many years. However, the good news is that technological progress has also enabled some dental medicine advancements, which greatly facilitates procedures with patients. Here at TIN DENT Polyclinic we managed to solve the problem of patients with dental phobia or patients awaiting lengthy and extensive surgical procedures with the use of conscious sedation. Due to conscious sedation, we are able to perform the procedures which previously required several visits of patients with dental phobia in only one appointment, with complete removal of fear and pain. Conscious sedation enables a hassle-free performance to the dentist, because it completely removes fear, panic or discomfort, and also enables the dentist to execute the entire treatment plan in only one appointment, which also saves the patient`s precious time.

In the segment of conscious sedation, one gas particularly stands out, namely nitrous oxide also known as laughing gas, whose application is currently flourishing in the world of dental medicine. Owing to that, the fear of dental offices is becoming a thing of the past, and dental appointments are becoming a pleasant and relaxing experience. The sedation technique has been used for many years in America and many European countries. Here at our Polyclinic, we perform it with Master Flux PLUS device, and we are one of the rare dental offices in Croatia administering conscious sedation by inhalation, and not intravenously. Nitrous oxide is administered in combination with oxygen through a nasal mask, which removes fear and discomfort, relaxes the patient, alleviates gag reflex, reduces the sense of time and procedural trauma. It is an ideal solution for children who are not keen on visiting dentists, adults who experience discomfort or fear, people with strong gag reflexes. Controlled application of oxygen and nitrous oxide by inhalation also alleviates emotional stress, perception of pain and anxiety. It facilitates cooperation with the dentist, and leaves the vital reflexes unchanged. The advantages are substantial both for the patient and the dentist. Most importantly, it removes fear and sense of time for the patient. The treatment seems much shorter to the patient, and consequently less unpleasant. Sedation does not cause any side-effects, the gas is not integrated in the metabolic processes of the body, and the entire gas inhaled through the lungs is expired in the same way, which reduces stress and removes fear.

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