As external appearance more and more influences the life of people and their relationship with others, there is an increase in the number of adults who undergo orthodontic treatments to straighten their teeth.  Up until now, the dentists have used visible fixed or removable braces, but recently the dental industry has created virtually invisible braces. They completely satisfy the needs of those people who consider external appearance of the teeth during orthodontic treatment extremely important, particularly because of their line of business, and they insist on the decreased visibility of braces during the orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign® was developed in 1997 in the Californian city of San Jose in the United States of America. Over 3 million people around the world have been successfully treated with this method so far. The treatment is performed with plastic transparent splints (aligners), which are specifically computer-designed for each individual patient. The splints are transparent, and the patient wears each of them for two weeks, 24 hours a day, and removes them only during eating and brushing of teeth. Every splint slightly moves the teeth into a desired position, according to the treatment plan determined by the orthodontist based on the impressions and the analysis of RTG scans. Before making the splints in the company headquarters in California and sending them to the Polyclinic, the orthodontist should correct, adjust, and finally approve the proposed alignments presented via a computer software. The patient can also see a simulation of the teeth alignment, and the final result.



Today, the market offers other systems of transparent splints (aligners) which are modelled after Invisalign®, however we should emphasise that it was particularly Invisalign® that invented the aligner technology of transparent splints, and created the original aligner treatment. Invisalign® has the most extensive investments in clinical trials and technological development, hence this is undoubtedly the most precise and advanced system in the orthodontic treatment using transparent splints – aligners. You can verify that you had received the original Invisalign® treatment any time, because each splint is marked with the Invisalign® logotype and a serial number.

TIM DENT – Miličić Dental Polyclinic is certified for Invisalign® system in Croatia.

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